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DriveAudio Audi A4L Navigation, performance sound system AUDI A4l Premium Navigation Media System Cambridgeshire
AUDI A4l Premium Navigation Media System
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3D Navigation has become one of the key essentials within our Motoring needs. A good solid informative mapping software has proven to save both time and money. With our recent partnership with 3D one of the UKs leading Mobile Mapping Providers, we can now offer all customers the benefits and experience of our partner and combine there technology into our units making the unit the very best that mobile entertainment and media can offer.


Advanced Bluetooth is a must in today’s mobile environment. We have worked exceedingly hard to bring you BT-Pro4, which is a leading Bluetooth Integration offering not only the basics of Answering and Ending calls, but Phonebook integration along with Names of Contacts and Dialling History.

DVD Player

The DVD Player consists or a quality made multi-layer Rom unit. Reads almost all Video formats and is region free. Play copy disks, MP3, music files and more. You can activate or deactivate the Media in motion feature, however we do suggest keeping it active for the sake of Safe Driving polocy.

IPod Fast Play

Our IPod interface is one of the most advanced and easy to operate functions. Specially designed for to operate seamlessly with your music library.

Search by tracks, Albums, or even Artists. Can be operated via steering controls where possible. Charges your device and has selectable features for that all important driving experience.


AM/FM DAB Philips Radio Tuner

With the new developments of Digital Radio - DAB, we have integrated our premium DAB interface into our units where advertised.

AM/FM Philips Radio Chipset offers a clean and strong radio experience. TA, AF, and RDS are some of the Radio features. Store your stations and listen to your favourite stations. True Radio names are present on the screen.



Advanced Graphic Equaliser with 8 channel personalisation. Built-in DSP and Gain. Separate interface for Basic audio enhancements, Bass, Treble and Mid-range audio pre-sets.

Sore your personal settings or select from our predefined settings. You take full control of your listening.



Take control of your media – Our filling system integration offer you full control as to where you want to select your media, say SD Card, USB, or even the 4GB built in Media Flash Drive. Along with the Advanced Audio settings, you have complete control over what you hear and how it sounds.



This function opens many more opportunities, it allows us to add more functions to your device like Mobile Wi-Fi or Dongle Internet, Totally expandable Apps, with pass through Icon creation. You do not need to be an advanced user or computer illiterate, simply hold down the icons, Edit to create. This function is invaluable in making our units somewhat future proof.

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