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AmeriCam K1 Reversing Camera Kit Through bumper reversing camera kit Cambridgeshire
Through bumper reversing camera kit
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The AmeriCam K1 is a high performance, fully automatic, practical driver assistance device. The primary objective is very simple: to help a driver to see things that they may not otherwise see when reversing. Almost all vehicles have a blind spot at the back, which can result in accidents involving common items such as concrete posts, shopping carts, other vehicles and perhaps most alarmingly, small children or their toys and bikes.

Designed in Silicon Valley, California, all AmeriCam products are engineered to the highest standards. The C1 camera that is included in the K1 kit is rated at IP68 which means it is impervious to dust and water. As one of our videos shows, the camera is strong enough to withstand a 9 ton truck driving over it, a pressure jet car wash, and can be left submerged indefinitely.

The K1 kit consists of a 22mm through hole camera which is easily and conveniently mounted using the supplied installation tool. A single connection is made to the reversing light circuit and ground. A single 3/16" connector is fed through the vehicle to the front where it is plugged into the 3.5" slim line monitor. No other connections or work is involved. When the vehicle is put into reverse gear, a sharp and vivid image is instantly displayed on the screen. Simple!

With our patented cable technology, most customers complete the entire installation in around 30 ~ 45 minutes. No other system in the market is as quick and easy to install. Furthermore, since AmeriCam products are modular plug and play devices, you can add features such as a front camera or trailer camera to the system at any time.
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